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Celebrating 25 Years
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About Our Company

Hermes Analitica d.o.o. is a trading company 100% privately owned. It was founded in 1992. The basic activity is trading and engineering of medical and analytical equipment, mainly used in laboratories of all levels. The business programme is based on many years of experience with products of world leading manufacturers, whose quality was recognized by our market, in form of several hundreds of installations in health and research institutions throughout Croatia. The strategy of integral marketing approach provided to our company a high place and a significant share in furnishing of medical and scientific/research

laboratories. Using modern presentation forms and comparative advantages of products in our business programme, the

company ensured its internal development and has highly specialised service and distribution departments for ever demanding

market contest.

Mission, Vision And Integrity

The market only validates what you are doing. The scientific community, where the medical profession keeps the leading place, highly differentiates the needs and demands of marketing approach. From the beginning, we at Hermes Analitica d.o.o. have

seen, that the knowledge only makes the way. The way without hesitation. We learned from the best to be able to share this

knowledge with you. Our offer is knowledge, our advice is knowledge, our approach is knowledge. Hundreds of installed

equipment, tons of distributed diagnostic material and consumables, symbolise the knowledge of behaving in market competition.

We learned to recognize the technological needs, we learned to open new technological pages for you. Your confidence is our

reward. At the market.

Technical Support

The technical service is an important part of the integral marketing approach, which we respect elementary. The technical service

is fully transparent and explicit event. For this reason, our service engineers are specially educated. Special education at

manufacturers laboratories, our partners, certifies their abilities in a special way. They are equipped with tools and materials, and

this additionally raises the standards for such service. We became authorised for the service we offer. Thus, we are glad to

suggest you to start your plans with a premise of the service you will need.

Hermes Analitica offers:

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Selling medical equipment

Specialized Training

Distribution and technical backup

Hermes Analitica d.o.o.

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Hermes Analitica d.o.o. l 20 l Sva Prava Pridržana

Celebrating 25 Years

Maksimirsko naselje 4 br 21, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska OIB: 34139467544